evergreenlawnsReduced maintenance costs
Drastically reduce or even eliminate maintenance costs associated with natural lawn care.

Perfect year round
Enjoy perfect green grass all year regardless of weather or drought conditions and it is weed free.

Clean environment
Eliminate the need of pesticides, fertilizers & insecticides and decrease your environmental impact. Helping reduce the runoff of these toxic chemicals that are polluting our rivers and oceans and that are harmful to both humans and animals.

Unlimited design possibilities
Synthetic grass can be installed in many places natural grass may not. This includes rooftops, indoors, steep slopes, heavily shaded areas or non-accessible areas.

Always available for use
Synthetic grass is available for use anytime, no matter the climate. Synthetic grass may be used immediately following precipitation or heavy rains without the dirt and mud.

Return on investment
The average return on investment is estimated between 4-5 years . Our synthetic grasses are warranted for 10 years.

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Casey Robitaille

Casey-Robitaille Once again another 400 Game at Willowbrook Lanes. Casey Robitaille who is a YBC Bowler, but bowled the 415 game during the Thursday night Classic League

Brandon Kirk

brandon-kirk-425 Brandon Kirk (YBC) bowler from  Willowbrook Lanes bowled a 425 game during the 52nd Junior Pacific Coast Tournament, with a high game breaking a record after 33 years ( 425)

Congratulations Brandon

Randy Lockhart (YBC) Youth Bowling Sponsor



With such a creative Imagination in my mind.
My art is unique, original, and one of a kind.

As an artist, I have so much love and talent to give.
And it will shine through forever, as long as I shall live.

When I’m drawing or painting, I’m in my safe place and feel happy and free.
I thank you Lord for every thing, especially for the artist, the artist in me.

Poem by Pj LockhArt



“Just Imagine”: four blind and vision-impaired international artists at the Kelowna Art Gallery

The exhibition“Just Imagine” at the Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada) Art Gallery opening on 12 January 2013 and running through 17 March 2013, brings together the work of four blind and vision-impaired artists in a show that will certainly engage Kelowna audiences. Curated by blind local artist Ruth Bieber, the exhibition intends to explore what it means to be human and the innumerous ways in which people respond to the world around them, thus creating a conversation about how humans see and perceive.

“Just Imagine” highlights the work and methods of artists Bruce Horak, Busser Howell, PJ Lockhart and Eriko Watanabe. They all explore the idea that, once get past the typical notions of “seeing”, the potential for artistic and creative expression is limitless. “What I intend to do through drawing is to transfer what I perceive with my senses using dots, lines and surfaces. These include tastes, smells, touch, the flow of time, temperature,  space, emotions, atmosphere, feelings, fantasies, ideas, and even my own imagination of colours and light,” explains Germanbased Eriko Watanabe in her artist’s statement about her raisedline drawings. A piece comprised of over 200 portraits by Calgary-based artist Bruce Horak, titled The Way I See It will be featured in the show and offers a glimpse at the answer to the often asked question “What do you see?” Also New York-based artist Busser Howell explores the vein of expressionist abstraction in painting, and local resident PJ Lockhart is a prolific, self-taught artist who creates multimedia abstract work, incorporating everything from cell phones to hair gel.

Some artworks are available to touch. A brochure to accompany the show will be produced in both text and Braille, and the labels of artworks will be displayed in both large print and in Braille.

Visit my brothers website here PJ Artman Studio PJ has a lot of fine art for sale, check it out

Provincial 400 Club

meagan-400-club Meagan Gallicano
The majority of my 22 years of life I have spent on the lanes. Whether it be participating in countless tournaments across the country, or teaching new youth bowlers all that I have learned over the past 19 years.

Bowling has always run in my family. My grandmother introduced my mother, who ultimately met my father at a bowling alley. It was in my blood. At age three I was already badgering my parents as to the next time I would get to go throw some balls at those five little pins. You never heard a complaint from either of them though, especially not from my biggest fan – my mom.

Every Saturday morning for league, from every tiny insignificant tournament to every national stage event, she was in the stands cheering louder than an entire crowd. When I shot the first big game, I was disappointed at my lack of excitement, because the stands were too quiet. Not due to a lack of spectators by any means, but because my cheerleader wasn’t there.


My mom passed away in June 2011, and bowling just hadn’t been the same for me since. That is, until I realized just how much I had learned, grown and gained from the sport. She had introduced me to a world where no matter how short or tall, big or small, or even how many times you’ve travelled around the sun, the sport of bowling can always be fun.

I’ve travelled the country and met unbelievable people all as dedicated to the sport as I am. Every one of those people and experiences solidify exactly why I can never abandon the sport. The lanes are a second home to me. Ten days later, when I threw that 11th strike, I picked up my ball and stood on that lane shaking like a leaf. All I could think of was my mom, and how she would be so proud of me.

And of course to “just keep it on the lane”! That’s all that mattered. No, it wasn’t a perfect game, and of course I wish it was, but as i walked off the lane to a chorus of applause and my bowling family wrapped their arms around me in a congratulatory embrace , i looked to the stands. Instead of feeling empty because my mother wasn’t there, I was euphoric because I finally realized my biggest fan was just cheering from a higher section. To my number one cheerleader – love you mom.

YBC Bowling

jackson-400-clubJackson Reynolds
17 year old bowler from Abbotsford.
I’ve been bowling since 2004.
I work at Galaxy Bowl Lanes in Abbotsford.
I’ve been bowling at Galaxy since I started in 2004, and this year 2012 I switched houses to Willowbrook Lanes and I bowled my first and only 400 game there, it was a 407 during YBC.

Hoping to win lots of tournaments and hit some more milestones this year :)

Visit Willowbrook Lanes


YBC Sponsors

www.canadahost.ca  proudly Sponsoring Willowbrook Lanes YBC and
Youth Bowlers. Also sponsoring “Bowler of the Month” and “Bowler of the Year Tournament”.


Willowbrook Lanes


Paying It Forward – Our company www.canadahost.ca  has become a proud supporter of the Willowbrook Lanes Y.B.C. Bowling Program In Langley BC.

It is our company goal to support as many kids as we can through our support program to assist qualifying families with kids that would like to bowl in the Y.B.C. program, but just can’t afford it.

Canadahost will provide funds to the Y.B.C. Program each month to assist qualifying families faced with financial hardship to register their child in the Y.B.C. Program and an additional $10.00 from each of our hosting packages will also go towards providing great prizes to be awarded at the end of the bowling season to the BOWLER OF THE YEAR.

The Y.B.C. Program is designed for youths age 3 to 19 years old!

Smurfs (ages 3 to 5)
Peewees (ages 6 to7)
Bantams (ages 8 to 10)
Juniors (ages 11 to 13)
Seniors (ages 14 to 19)

All Kids that qualify will have the opportunity of 5 pin bowling each week and throughout the season kids can compete in tournaments, special activities and functions offered at Willowbrook Lanes. Visit their website for more information CLICK HERE

For more information regarding the Y.B.C. program please call Willowbrook Lanes at 604-533-2695 or email them at thelanes@shaw.ca
Don’t let your kids miss out on an opportunity to bowl because of financial hardship, after all Bowling is a LIFE SKILL and becomes a recreation and sport that they can enjoy well beyond their youth

March 9 2012 marked our 20th anniversary for providing online services to our many clients, and we are very fortunate to be able to put a Support program in place for the Willowbrook Lanes Y.B.C. Program.

Please help us by showing your support and donate funds to the Willowbrook Lanes Youth Bowling on behalf of canadahost.ca

CEO/Systems Administrator

Randy Lockhart

NuTrends Graphics-Signs

Canada’s one-stop sign solution, the easiest way to order your signs, stickers, banners, vehicle wraps, and trade show displays online. We stay state-of-the-art so you won’t have to. We have everything you need from graphic design to installations. We get people noticed for the World of tomorrow.

At NuTrends, we pride ourselves in quality, speed and customer service and because we know that time is money our professional staff at NuTrends understand that sometimes you just need things done fast and right the first time.

Nutrends Signs

Jackie Evancho

My wife and I watched and listened to this awesome young 10 year old girl singing on America’s Got Talent last year 2010 and were both in total awe with her performance.
I remember closing my eyes and listened to her voice and a tear came out of my eye and I had goosebumps and chills went down my back. I have never heard such a heavenly voice from someone so young. We watched every episode right up to the finals and were totally blown away when she came in second place. This little girl is amazing & awesome and regardless of where she finished in the AGT, she is going to be number 1 not only in our hearts but also in the hearts of many people that heard her sing. To this day we still follow her career. Randy & Sharon Lockhart

How blessed we are to witness and follow her wonderful future.
Listen to her singing here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_rB60Ct8us&feature=related

America’s Got Talent

Jackie Evancho was accepted as a contestant on the fifth season of the America’s Got Talent TV show by placing first in a YouTube competition sponsored by the television show. On August 10, 2010, jackie Evancho performed “O mio babbino caro” by Giacomo Puccini. She received a standing ovation after her performance, and she was awarded a trip to Universal Studios Florida for receiving the most fan votes from the submissions to the show from YouTube.

Visit Jackie’s Website www.jackieevancho.com

Jim Uswak – Houghton Realty

Jim will get your home sold faster for top dollar using his proven “10 STEP MARKETING PLAN” and “SUPERIOR NEGOTIATING SKILLS”. Visit Jim’s website today to put these skills to work for you.