With such a creative Imagination in my mind.
My art is unique, original, and one of a kind.

As an artist, I have so much love and talent to give.
And it will shine through forever, as long as I shall live.

When I’m drawing or painting, I’m in my safe place and feel happy and free.
I thank you Lord for every thing, especially for the artist, the artist in me.

Poem by Pj LockhArt



“Just Imagine”: four blind and vision-impaired international artists at the Kelowna Art Gallery

The exhibition“Just Imagine” at the Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada) Art Gallery opening on 12 January 2013 and running through 17 March 2013, brings together the work of four blind and vision-impaired artists in a show that will certainly engage Kelowna audiences. Curated by blind local artist Ruth Bieber, the exhibition intends to explore what it means to be human and the innumerous ways in which people respond to the world around them, thus creating a conversation about how humans see and perceive.

“Just Imagine” highlights the work and methods of artists Bruce Horak, Busser Howell, PJ Lockhart and Eriko Watanabe. They all explore the idea that, once get past the typical notions of “seeing”, the potential for artistic and creative expression is limitless. “What I intend to do through drawing is to transfer what I perceive with my senses using dots, lines and surfaces. These include tastes, smells, touch, the flow of time, temperature,  space, emotions, atmosphere, feelings, fantasies, ideas, and even my own imagination of colours and light,” explains Germanbased Eriko Watanabe in her artist’s statement about her raisedline drawings. A piece comprised of over 200 portraits by Calgary-based artist Bruce Horak, titled The Way I See It will be featured in the show and offers a glimpse at the answer to the often asked question “What do you see?” Also New York-based artist Busser Howell explores the vein of expressionist abstraction in painting, and local resident PJ Lockhart is a prolific, self-taught artist who creates multimedia abstract work, incorporating everything from cell phones to hair gel.

Some artworks are available to touch. A brochure to accompany the show will be produced in both text and Braille, and the labels of artworks will be displayed in both large print and in Braille.

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“The National Film Preservation Board members enthusiastically supported this addition to the more than 500 U.S. films now recognized as “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant” and worthy of preservation.”.

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