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God lent us our fourth baby boy we named Daniel Charles Webb on a beautiful summer night and took him Home on a bright spring day. Danny was an absolute joy and blessing from when he was just a baby until he died.

cooldanBeing the baby of the family, he was spoiled and thank goodness he was. He was the cutest little guy with this mop of blonde hair, you had to smile just looking at him. He was such a busy, happy little boy, but gave us a few anxious moments like the time our friend Bill was visiting and Danny got in his car and pulled it out of gear and the car rolled all the way down the street with Danny half hanging out the door, the car going over a hedge and landing a foot from his little friend, Jay’s house. He always came out with the cutest, most unexpected things. His Gramma Webb was visiting us and Danny came running in the house and said “A rat bit me”, Gramma said “A rat bit you!!” and Danny replied with such a look of surprise and said “Where??”

offdanAs Danny grew up he developed a love of sports, especially baseball and golf. He would play street hockey on our street with his friends for hours and hours. As his brother, Justin said at Danny’s funeral, “Danny was very competitive and didn’t like to lose” He was especially good at golf and won the trophy at his Dad’s company golf tournament in 1996, getting his name on the trophy.

Danny wasn’t too keen on school and just worked hard enough to graduate. If he had to write an exam on any sports; be it player’s names, stats, of any sport, he would have aced them all. He had tons of sports cards as most young boys do and they were all neatly organized and packed away when he died.

In November of 1996, our whole family, Dad, Mom, Jason, Justin, Michael, Danny and daughter-in-law to be, Sandi went to Maui where Jason and Sandi were married. Oh what a wonderful vacation that was. How were we to know that four short months later, Danny would take his own life.

His Dad, Mick, Danny and I had gone to visit my Dad in Saskatchewan for a few days, getting back very late at night. The following night I had to go to a meeting and being tired from the trip and getting home so late the night before I laid down on the sofa for a little rest before the meeting. Danny came to me and sat on the floor beside the couch and laid his head in my lap. I knew he wasn’t feeling well and had been very quiet and had no appetite the week we were away, so I mentioned to Danny that he should see the Dr. as I thought he perhaps had mono.

PhotoFunia-1449150197We talked for a few minutes and I went off to my meeting. Danny then went and spent an hour talking with his Dad, then went over to Jason and Sandi’s house. Jason and Danny went out for a game of pool, but Jason said Danny just couldn’t make a shot so they went back to Jason and Sandi’s to watch a movie. Danny drank half a pepsi (he was never without his pepsi) and came home. His brother Michael was out and his brother Justin was in Vancouver at the time. We now know that he had said his good-byes to those of us that were here that night.

The next morning I was having my first cup of coffee and a very loud bang sounded in the house. Danny came downstairs and helped me look around for what the noise was. After looking around and not finding anything wrong I said to Dan that maybe it was a car accident on the street over from us. I asked him if he had slept okay and he said no he hadn’t. I now realize he hadn’t slept at all. Danny went back upstairs and the second shot went off and I knew immediately what it was. He had shot himself with a hunting rifle that had never been used. The sound from the first shot was muffled as it went through his mattress and lodged in a downstairs wall. Our guess is that he didn’t know how to load the gun and it went off. As Michael was home with me, we first called his dad and Jason at work, then 911. Justin was in Vancouver at the time. The rest is just a blur – the house was full of our relatives and friends, police reports, coroner, but the worst was that we didn’t know how to get hold of Justin. He was to be coming home that day and we were so afraid he would just show up and see the dozens of cars outside. We were able to reach him and luckily he had a friend with him who drove him home. Then having to let our out of town relatives know. Thank God for loving family who helped us so much with that. My sister and her family were booked on a flight to Maui that day, but she and one of her daughters stayed behind and came out and brought Danny’s Grampa Bell with them, to be with us. It was the day before Good Friday, In hindsight 3 years and 8 months later, although it is still so painful when we think of Danny, there is something comforting about the time he died, strange as that may sound. He is terribly missed by all of us and our family will never be complete again. If we had only the known the extent of his depression? If we did this? If we had done that? If only? So many questions that we don’t have the answers to.

dwDanny will live on in our hearts forever, until we meet him again, at which time we will tell him what joy and love he brought to our lives if only for such a short time. We all love you and miss you so Danny. Thank you to Randy Lockhart of Canadahost.ca for building the memorial site for our son Danny Please visit Danny’s site
Visit Memorial Site
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