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young-elvis-pj-artmanI love life, and Art and being creative keeps me in tune with the world. because art is my therapy for what ails me. Art is who I am and what I am all about. I am a kind caring person and friend, with a kind heart overflowing with pure love and respect for everyone. I love meeting new friends and being creative in many ways and sharing our talents with each other. I am a Legally blind artist, but I never let little things like that stand in my way. Every day I just march forward into a new bright and creative day where I feel safe, happy and free. ART from the HEART
I was born in Quesnel BC in 1958. When I was 10 years old we moved to Vancouver. Then in 1973 we moved to the Okanagan Valley, I remember being a young boy growing up quite well. It was like yesterday. I remember back as far as grade one. I remember I was always creative no matter what I was doing, from playing in the sand box to coloring in school. When I built a go cart or a tree fort, it always had to be different from all others.
I was never trying to be better than anyone else. I was just trying to be more creative and make things look different. I always doodled as a boy. Being creative has always been a happy and safe place for me to go. I just loved school because I always had a reason to draw on the desks and all over my books. Book reports were fun because I got to draw pictures and get marks for them.

pjartmanMy life growing up as a boy was perfect and I would not trade it for anything. I thank God and my Parents for my life and talents. A few years ago my whole life changed due to illness, and anxiety and depression and more. It was tough and still is, but even with my vision impairment I still go to my safe happy place to be creative, either by creating art or poetry.
I can remember I have always loved to be creative and artistic. I knew by age 8 that it was a special gift that I was given, so I made the best of it through out my life. My favorite subject in school was always art. My teachers always told me I was a natural artist.
Ever since I was a boy, Art was always my safe place to go and be happy free with no rules and no stress. Art for me is the best therapy for what ails me. Art is my medication that helps me make it through the day, the months, and the years. Without art I’d be lost. Even in school I’d draw and doodle all over my desk, my books and the blackboards because it made me happy.

A few Times I was even sent to the principles office because of it. But I’d doodle there to. I loved getting home work because it was an excuse to draw maps and fun things for school projects. I never minded home work as long as I got to draw something.

In 2001 I started loosing my vision and had to give up my job at the Museum after 15 years of working there and the hardest part was turning in my drivers license for good. It was tough to take after driving for 30 years. Each year that went by I got used to the idea of not driving, but at the same time I was never bored because I had my art to save me. and keep my mind busy now more then ever.
I have a great attitude and a good outlook on life. When my eyes got really bad about 4 years ago I fell in love with abstract art. And I love it because abstract has no upside rite or up side down, no matter what way you look at it. It looks great. And there is no fine detail to strain my eyes.
I am registered with the CNIB as a Legally blind person! I’m totally blind in my right eye and just 20 percent of very blurry vision left in my other eye. But I don’t let little things like that stand in my way. I wake up every day with a big smile, and march forward into a bright and new creative day.
I have been painting and drawing now for many years. I never had any art training. It’s just a natural talent God has lent me. Over the last 6 years my art has been in many art shows , and I’m so proud of that because I love to share my talents with everyone to enjoy. Tha tis what art is all about. what good is art if people can’t see it. Art is an expression of the artist, and the art speaks for it’s self.
The best thing I have ever done in my life, was to take Art Therapy for a few years!! because that was a fresh new door that had opened for me, that allowed me to release my inner talents that I never even knew I had!! The class was amazing!! and totally helped me become the Known artist and Published poet that I am today!! It was this class that I wrote my very first Poem, and created my very first clay sculpture, and this is the class that opened my creative mind up to abstract Art!! But most importantly it helped be to find and know who I am and what I am all about as a person!! and had helped me shine to my fullest potential as the man and as the gifted artist that I am!!

Thanks so much to the amazing Teacher and Friend Cori

Art is my safe place to be happy and free with zero stress.. I use all mediums and styles in my art. I like to explore all my artistic talents using my creative gift. that God has given me. We were all created to be creative. in different ways. So IIm happy to share my talents with you all. As long as I have a paint brush in my hand, I’m Happy.

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