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Home of the YBC Gold Medal Winners
Willowbrooklanes Rocks and I mean it really Rocks. In the past years Sharon and I have spent many saturday’s watching the YBC and have been a part of the YBC Program offering up cash prizes for bowling events, and providing some pretty cool gifts for the bowlers of the year.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing kids faces light up when they are able to put their game faces on and go for the glory when it really counts which brings me to what I really want to say.

Sharon, Myself , Parents, Coaches, friends and YBC team mates and all the Willowbrook Lanes Staff have watched the YBC youths at Willowbrook Lanes for the past years and have witnessed some pretty amazing bowling achievements from many of the YBC bowlers by breaking longstanding records whether it be as a single bowler or a team effort, and we are seeing this even more often because of all the efforts put forth by everyone involved.

Willowbrook Lanes has become the top Bowling center in my opinion and I am sure anyone reading this will most definitely be in agreement with me because we know the Coaches take the time to really show the kids what bowling is all about and working with them and praising and encouraging them to try harder and the achievements the kids have brought forth to Willowbrook Lanes speaks for itself.

If you haven’t seen the Youth Achievements Wall from last year yet, drop by the lanes and have a look, and I’m sure you will agree that Willowbrook Lanes is where you want your kids to bowl.

I am very proud of the YBC Youth Bowlers, as are the Coaches , Parents, and staff who have shown the rest of the bowling centers what Willowbrooks YBC Bowlers are really made of, and that is what makes Willowbrook Lanes the one and only place to bowl, so I encourage all parents to get down there and sign your kids up today.

Several of the YBC Senior bowlers have even bowled games over 400 which most adult bowlers who have been bowling for many years cannot yet achieve.

Willowbrook lanes has a super great YBC Program which is why the Parents and kids we have met over the past 2 years continue year after year to sign up there rather than moving onto another bowling center and again this year we are seeing even more new bowlers signing up and are looking forward to seeing all those familiar faces from last year.

Willowbrook Lanes produces Gold Winning Bowlers year after year and I really think the kids know this and that is what drives them to step up their game so they too can get the recognition they deserve and why they don’t give up and move to another bowling center. This is your home away from home and you are always welcome.

Willowbrook has become home and family to many kids over the years and sadly some kids will move on for whatever reasons, and I could only hope they change their minds and come back to the YBC Program they enjoyed for so many years, if not for only for themselves, but to show and teach other kids what their coaches have taught them over the years.

I cannot stress enough why our youths today need to get involved in the YBC Program or any sport for that matter and learn to become more sociable, gain more self-esteem , enjoy the comradery of their team mates, have pride in what they can accomplish, but most of all just get out and have some real fun instead of getting caught up in the technology world of gadgets.

Thank you for reading this, and if you have anything to add or to say to kids out there, this is the time to say it. Our youths of today will become our leaders in years to come.

Randy Lockhart

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